Madiba is Fallen

Guardian_pic_of_nelson_mandelaby Mandela Tribute06 Dec 2013

by Alvin Kathembe

The bright, blue face darkens
And shuts its fiery eye
In anguish.
Night is falling.
The dark, star-studded face
Clouds over with grief
Dark furrows knit
And the heavens dissolve
The rain is falling.
The wind howls in agony’
The trees tear out their hair;
The frogs and the crickets
Croak and screech a warrior’s dirge.
The lightning thunders his displeasure
And the stars, in their grief,
Daybreak finds their tears
Still fresh upon the grass.
Dawn finds us forlorn
And the morning brings us mourning –
The sky-brow.
Into tears.
Hide their faces.

Madiba is fallen.