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I know you

Guardian_pic_of_nelson_mandelaby Mandela Tribute07 Dec 2013

by Gail Gilbride Bohle

I know you
your words entered my world
stayed in my head
churning assuring
my own heart.
I know you
You stood
taller than others
Your message stood out
Clear, unafraid
it eased my fear.
I know you
from the restricted section
the librarian raised her eyebrows
BOSS men circled like vultures
watched me skip away
I knew something
they didn’t want me to tell.
I know you
your words embedded themselves in me
keeping me from frivolity
steering my bicycle
moulding my young mind
for a free country
……one day
I know you
the young handsome student leader
formed your words from the podium
students raised pale fists
hearts pumped with excitement
‘Nkosi Sikelele Africa
I know you
Imprisoned but free.
We searched for meaning
you spoke to us.
I know you
deep in my heart
from the depths of my soul
Nelson Mandela
Hamba Kahle