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It's dedicated to those who understand my poem. <3


Aby Princess02 Dec 2017

Logic is the best thing that being made so far through creation,
Looking at your eyes are the beautiful thing in each situation,
Loathful eyes from them won’t stop how I give you my adoration,
Loading things will continue until you end up on my section.

Loving each other is so simple and doesn’t need correction,
Lovebirds are already meant to be and let their own affection,
Longing is not good for couples, we should have our own prediction,
Loneliness is the opposite thing and can lead to rejection.

Loud heart-beat might be the only sweetest thing of all temptation,
Lots of pick-up-lines are already passed by deliberation,
Low impression of both of us might affect our conversation,
Lost of effort and hard-work might be given as your reflection.

Long distance relationship tells us how strong both our connection,
Locking both of our hearts without key gives us the right direction,
Loyalty is the most important thing that should give protection,
Losing each others’ bonds might end both our love into objection.