Where there's a Way

11057321_10152544932886486_3165962359310326401_oby Brett Adam Sargent20 Nov 2017

There is no process
To the the chaos in my mind.
For it is not a result of our own failings.
More, and justifiably, a reaction to action.
‘I dance to the cadence....
And the cadence knows my moves’.

What do you do?
I sit and study movement.
Will we know results?
Why yes, as soon as I can discern...
The difference between desire and need.
Shadows in darkness.

And what do you say...
To those who would offer offence,
To your weak defence,
To the uncharacteristic penance
We share with those we have never met.

There is only one way to live...
More than one way to die.
Can you tell yourself the difference ?
Between the intent,
And the meaning?
What difference does it make?

I cannot hear the music,
For the white noise.
I cannot tongue the lips
For the dry skin.
I cannot finger the flesh
For the lack of sensation.

Ahhhh yes, and yes again...
There is more than one way to walk,
More than one way to talk.
To the people you have no need of.
In a place that you have no greed of.
Wait, I am talking here.

And in this regard I am talking nothing
But shite and shit and Shylock...
To an empty stadium,
Full of promise
Devoid of heat;
Scream and hope for diction.

But I must apologise
For the things I have yet to accrue,
The detritus I have yet to review.
And the words above that have little meaning.
Less import,
And no significance.

Says you my man...
In a world lacking colour.