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What do you do when there is nothing on offer

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11057321_10152544932886486_3165962359310326401_oby Brett Adam Sargent20 Nov 2017

Every time it rains I lose a little more mortar from between the stones. Stones that carry stories like patches and of varying thickness. The country has some of the most ornate architecture on this feral earth; some of the smoothest skin across the history bones and they can't even mix a decent mortar.
This pornographic prison is full of pestilence and pain. A man needs alternatives in a place like this. If we are patient and the rains continue we will not require the judgement of others to give us direction...the mortar will fail and the walls will falter long before that. A patient den of thieves who stopped running from everything but themselves long ago.

Would they run when given the chance through poor stonework? I know I wouldn't. Gotta have the legs to run. Gotta know the reason for the running.
I have signed on to the last dance. Besides, what the hell is Laughing Sammy gonna do if he doesn't have is favourite lost soul to play with.
And every time it rains we all get a little wet.

-Why are you here?
-The fine company, the cadence in the colour. The food.
-We have none of those things here. Well, except the cadence I suppose. They will make you pay for these sins you know.
-I suppose there is no chance for a deferment of payment?
-Oh sure, you can delay full payment for a few years. But they will take a minimum fee every day you are here.
-I plan on bouncing a few checks whilst I am here my man.
-House always wins regardless of the bouncing checks Adam.
-And why are you here Sammy?
-The food mostly. And the cadence of course.

A den of thieves about to be covered in the skin of the history bones.
More water, less mortar.